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More people are traveling than ever before!! Millions of travelers are seeking answers to their questions. They are naturally turning to the internet for information!

To Generate a Serious Online Income You Must Be In A Niche Where Big Money is Being Spent...

Recent research by the TIA estimates the US domestic travel and tourism market alone to be about $500 Billion Dollars! Now imagine the dollar value of all destinations around the globe!

Cruise lines alone are gearing up for more growth, with 14 new ships in 2012, following 12 new ships launched in 2011 which is an investment of more than $10 billion in those two years alone. It has been estimated that half the population of the US is within driving distance of a cruise ship!

With the Western Hemisphere Passport Initiative, the number of US passport holders has continued to grow. In this fiscal year alone, more than 16 million passports have been issued!

In addition, studies show that US baby boomers number about 78 million and they are inheriting the bulk of the wealth in the United States alone. High on their "bucket list" is Travel! And they are actively seeking travel information. They want your expertise!

A travel, vacation or holiday oriented website or blog is a natural for this rapidly growing multi-billion dollar marketing niche and...

You already know that quality content can mean the difference between a good website and a poor one...

Putting up a travel website is the easy part. But... We all know that content is king and many of us struggle to write quality material that directly addresses our target market. How can we possibly keep our blogs, websites, posts up to date with content that people are searching for without long hours writing (which could be spent marketing and optimizing) or paying writers a great deal on money to write for us?

What if every single day of every single month, you received a new article specifically targeted to the ever growing travel niche?

My wife and I have been in the travel industry for a total of 40 years. We know all about travel. We have seen it, we have done it and we have arranged it for others! 40 combined years of building a wealth of travel information!

Travel Article A Day is our attack on one of the most profitable niches in Internet Marketing - Travel! Our new program offers you a fresh article each and every day delivered to your inbox. These are written by us and not just recycled, previously used PLR!


Travel Article A Day PLR Membership

For less than two lattes at your favorite cafe, you can have quality Travel content delivered directly to your preferred email address each day of the month.

During our research we discovered that members of PLR sites dislike the complexities of joining a new membership, invariably having to try and figure out the membership system (they all seem to be on different platforms), and continually following up to download new content!

When joining memberships you and I want one thing - the content we are paying for.

Like me, you probably don't have time nor the inclination to regularly visit 4 or 5 or more membership sites to collect everything. So now you don't have to!

This is a really great membership - and the article quality is over the top! It is such a pleasure to work with PLR content that's actually written by someone who's an expert on the topic - no ghost written crap at all.

What's really cool is that you get a new article everyday in your inbox, at the same time every day. So I plan my schedule each day with a few minutes at that time to to modify it and then publish it. Nothing piles up on me and the site grows naturally with a new article every day - and I spend very little time making it happen.

Sid, you rock man - I wish everyone provided this kind of expert quality PLR...and at the price you're offering here, anyone not jumping on it needs to see a shrink, LOL.

Michalis "Big Mike" Kotzakolios
Ptolemaida, Greece

Hi Sid,

Congratulations on launching your new service, Sid. As you know I've been a fan of yours since buying Inside Cruising Vol. 1 last year ... which led me to buy Vol. 2 ... and then Vol. 3. And now I'm delighted to be a subscriber to Travel Article A Day!

Folks, as a former travel magazine editor and media relations director for a convention & visitors bureau, I've read (and written) a LOT of travel articles over the years. And Sid's work ranks with top professional travel writers. (Actually, he's better than a lot of so-called travel writers because he does his homework and checks his facts. Not to mention that he answers his emails promptly.) His cruise guides, which he sold with PLR, were so good I hated to do much to change them, and I believe in always rewriting PLR.

Got my first article today and true to form, it's well-written and full of original, solid, useful info. I love the automatic email delivery - I don't have to remember to go to a specific site and download once a month or week or whatever (which I tend to forget to do). This is a steal even in these belt-tightening days. As far as I've been able to find, there's only one other Travel PLR subscription service out there, and though it's also very reasonably priced (a few bucks more than this), it delivers around 10 articles a month vs. 30.

So if you have any interest in travel-related content, jump on this. Value & quality in one package - unbeatable. It might even free up enough of your time that YOU can actually do some traveling!

Mary Louise English
Miami, Florida

Hi Sid,

I am so glad you have created this service! I am a big fan of your writing and all the great services you offer. I love this PLR for the travel industry. I especially like that you are a well-seasoned travel expert and that the articles you write are drawn from years of experience rather than research alone. That's a big value in my book.

I also like the unique content. The travel tips are so helpful. I consider myself a very experienced traveler as I have worked in 26 different countries and traveled the world many times. Yet, I still learn so much from your content. So I know exerienced and newbie travelers will find your articles helpful and that's the kind of content I want to offer to other!

Good work, friend. I love what you are doing and want to thank you for it!

Susan G
Washington State

Hi Sid, I have been your subscriber for more than a week now, and I would like to let you know how much I enjoy reading your articles. I love the video too. My 10 day old blog is getting 20+ uniques per day without much promotion, which is really awesome. I am sure your articles have something to do with it. And thanks for going an extra mile to help me out with some technical problems with the video. Look forward to more great articles.


Hi Sid I just wanted to say that I signed up last week - and the articles are the REAL DEAL!! Great content, well written - the best bargain I've seen in quite a while - and for once - it's in a niche I can use!!!

Cincinnati, OH

The principle is simple. This is a monthly membership site that delivers quality Travel PLR articles to your inbox period. Everyday, you open your email and collect your next article.

Here is what you get (for less than 64 cents per article):

    Daily delivery of a fresh, original PLR Article targeted at the largest money making niche out there - TRAVEL and written by us based on actual travel experience - not reused or recycled plr!

    Each article is between 450 and 600 words or more delivered in TXT format as an attachment to the email we send you!

    Each article is keyword targeted to the most often asked questions and searches for information about travel.

    This first membership from Travel Article A Day will cover General Travel including tips and tricks on all aspects of traveling and city or country specific articles and personal knowledge!

    Our automated delivery system ensures you get it whether we are here or out there traveling to write more articles.

OKAY but I know you want to see samples first, so here are a few to give you an idea of what you can expect:

Sample Article #1

Sample Article #2

Sample Article #3

Sample Article #4

Sample Article #5

Let me share some of the titles ready so you get the idea of the quality of our writing:

    How To Deal With Getting Bumped
    The Amalfi Coast
    Navigating Paris
    Sightseeing In London
    San Antonio Texas
    Dealing With Canceled Flights
    Who Needs A Passport
    What to see in San Francisco
    Dealing With Delayed Flights
    Toilet Stories Are A Funny Part Of Travel
    How To Apply For US Passports For Children
    The Best Time To Go On A Holiday
    Your First Trip To Europe
    Green Travel Tips

And lots more. 365 articles a year! All written by us, (experienced travel professionals), crafted in our native English and in a conversational style!

These quality crafted articles will not only provide travel tips on getting ready to travel - but will guide your readers around wonderful destinations. Authored by people who have been there and know the best ways to enjoy the sights and delights of travel. And best of all they are keyword targeted to what folks are searching for!

Jump start your Travel focus by using these articles as:

    Perfect content for a travel website

    Post to your Blog each and every day with a new article

    Combine a number of articles for a special report on travel

    Build a eCourse and send it to your list

    Combine articles and publish an eBook

    Submit your articles to eZines and Social sites

    Use travel articles in an autoresponder series

    Monetize them with AdSense, Clickbank and Affiliate programs

You have full permission to rewrite these articles, use them as is, send them in an autoresponder series or monetize them any way you want.

We have taken all the drudgery out of getting good content - so you can concentrate on marketing and monetizing.

Still undecided?

I know, like you, I want value, so let me do this as a bonus:

Travel Article A Day Bonus For Acting Now

Sign up today and I will include Volume 1 of my eBook MRR package (77 pages) Insider's Guide To Cruising including PDF and Word formats, graphics and a squeeze page. You get this for no additional charge.

You can use this bonus as is, break it into articles, give it away, sell it or use it for web content. Our thank you for signing up early!

Folks, the travel market is growing. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and travel is on the Bucket List of every boomer out there - take our articles and build your corner of this fun and profitable niche.

Build yourself an authority site the proven way with good quality content. We will place it in your Inbox everyday of the month (yes - weekends and holidays included!)

I know the economy is pressing on a number of folks trying to get started in an on-line niche. For that reason we have priced our membership at the very affordable $19.95 per month for as long as you remain a member of Travel Article A Day.

When you click the Order Button below, you'll be taken to PayPal, where you'll complete your transaction. Your first payment of $19.95 will be made today, and then once per month thereafter around the same date.

Please note that due to the digital nature of the materials provided, your payments are non-refundable. However, you may cancel your membership at any time through your PayPal account without any further obligation to us (although once you begin receiving the content you probably won't ever want to!)

Every day you will get a quality article, written from experience and keyword researched, delivered right to your Inbox. No logging in, no passwords to remember, no URL's to keep track of! Automatic and always on time!

Build your Travel Authority site quickly and easily. Join us Now!

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Thank you for taking the time to review this phenomenal offer and we look forward to working with you as a members!

Remember to practice "random acts of travel"!

Sid Kaplan

*PLR (Private Label Rights) articles are articles you can buy (as part of a membership) that you may edit and use as you wish. Unlike free reprint articles, you are not required to link back to anyone else’s website which makes them appealing to many web publishers.